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The Benefits of Membership

Access to Experts and Resources

Regulatory and legal decisions have a profound impact on the operations of competitive ISPs. From changes to the regulatory framework that determines what wholesale services must be made available by large telephone and cable carriers, to the regulated rates of wholesale services, to regulatory requirements that affect how retail services may be provided – regulatory and legal decisions affect all competitive ISPs.

However, the costs of advocacy, both in time and money, are not within the budget of most competitive ISPs.

A central benefit of CNOC membership is direct access to our legal, costing, and government relations professionals as they assemble applications and comments to the CRTC, regulatory, and legal entities. Membership fees allow CNOC, as a representative of the interests of its members, to advocate on behalf of its members more effectively than its members could do as individual companies.

Regular Industry Updates

At CNOC, our staff are available to members at all times to answer any questions that our members may have about our industry.

CNOC members are provided with regular updates and briefing materials on an ongoing basis, keeping them up to date on the latest regulatory updates and relevant industry matters. The materials available to CNOC members provides detailed analyses and insights that ensures that CNOC members are not only aware of the latest regulatory decisions and industry matters but understand what the decisions actually mean to a competitive ISP.


CNOC provides its members with a number of opportunities to network, connect, share ideas, and problem solve with their professional peers. CNOC members are also afforded chance to establish business connections with other members. All of this occurs amongst CNOC members on an ongoing basis and at events such as the annual ISP Summit hosted by CNOC.

Make Your Voice Heard

Most importantly, by becoming a CNOC member you will gain a spot at the table and a voice in the conversation. Since its inception, CNOC has been at the fore of regulatory change in the telecommunications industry, and as a member you will have the opportunity to ensure that the issues and positions that CNOC advocates for reflect your views.

In short, a CNOC membership gives you access to the knowledge and resources necessary to effectively participate in advancing the interests of competitive ISPs and creating positive changes in the telecommunications industry.

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For more information about joining CNOC or a membership application form, contact us at:
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